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Bamboo Toilet Rolls 24 x 220 Sheets - 3 Ply

  • Plastic Free Packaging
  • 100% FSC Bamboo Tissue
  • Posh Wrapped Rolls
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Luxury Bamboo Toilet Tissue
From £15 Free 48hr Delivery
  • Bamboo Paper

    Bamboo Paper

    Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant. Growing up to one metre a day it produces a large crop which can be harvested every year making it a very sustainable resource.

  • Naturally Grown

    Naturally Grown

    The Bamboo used in Panda Soft is grown without the use of fertilisers or pesticides helping to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Waste Reducing Packaging

    Waste Reducing Packaging

    Panda Soft packaging is plastic free, reusable and 100% recyclable.

  • Skin Sensitive

    Skin Sensitive

    The long, smooth fibres within Bamboo give our toilet tissue a silky texture. It creates less dust particles, known to irritate sensitive skin, king it natural hypoallergenic.

24 Rolls

From just £15 & Free 48hr Delivery

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Plastic Free Packaging
Plastic Free Packaging

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Panda Soft bamboo toilet roll is produced from bamboo, which is the fastest growing plant in the whole wide world making it extremely renewable. It grows 30 times faster than trees, produces 30% more oxygen and absorbs 35% more carbon. Changing to our bamboo toilet rolls can literally make a the world of difference!

Bamboo Toilet Roll

We source our Panda Soft bamboo toilet roll from SE China – bamboo grows wildly over vast areas, and bamboo paper is a fantastic by product. It derives from sustainable bamboo plants and farming has no negative impact on forestry or wildlife. Bamboo recycled paper has many uses, including coffee filters, paper cups and paper towels but we believe the best use is by manufacturing sustainable toilet paper.

Soft Smooth & Kind to Skin

Our recycled toilet paper is naturally hypo allergenic, with long, smooth fibres that trap less dust particles, it is perfect for sensitive skin and unlike traditional paper production, our eco friendly toilet paper is manufactured using zero chemicals, no fertilisers or pesticides and it is fragrance free.

So, if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly option, our skin friendly, naturally hypoallergenic toilet paper will meet and exceed your requirements.

Plastic Free

All of our bamboo toilet rolls are delivered in environmentally friendly plastic free packaging and to give you that extra hygiene confidence, all of our bamboo toilet rolls are individually wrapped and then delivered directly to you in a lovely Panda Soft cardboard box. And if that wasn’t enough, so you can be sure that you are doing your bit to reduce the environmental impact, all of our bamboo toilet paper is biodegradable, making it a more sustainable option over traditional toilet roll brands.

Panda Soft(R) is FSC Approved

Most other bamboo toilet roll suppliers are not! FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest and trees are managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers while ensuring it sustains economic viability.

Why Are We So Much Cheaper?

Because you the customer are buying directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the cost and carbon emissions from extra product movement, doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint and saving money!

Browse our environmentally friendly toilet rolls today to take advantage of our amazing deals including 24 rolls for just £15 and free 48hr delivery.

Alternatively, if you would like to find out further information or have any further questions regarding our environmentally friendly toilet paper, contact us today to speak to our experts.

Individually Wrapped For Poshness
Individually Wrapped For Poshness

24 Luxury Toilet Rolls

From just £15 With Free 48hr Delivery

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