About Panda Soft

Panda Soft was created as a premium, eco friendly, plastic free, toilet roll product.

Luxury Bamboo Toilet Paper


The “Panda Soft” Brand & “Panda Logo” are trademarked products of Galleon Supplies Ltd.

A 50 Year old, innovative , Family Owned independent hygiene supply business based in Coventry England.

Panda Soft was created as a premium, eco friendly, plastic free, toilet roll product at a price more in reach of supermarket brands and accessible to all.

Luxury Bamboo Toilet Tissue
Individually Wrapped For Poshness
  • Bamboo Paper

    Bamboo Paper

    Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant. Growing up to one metre a day it produces a large crop which can be harvested every year making it a very sustainable resource.

  • Naturally Grown

    Naturally Grown

    The Bamboo used in Panda Soft is grown without the use of fertilisers or pesticides helping to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Waste Reducing Packaging

    Waste Reducing Packaging

    Panda Soft packaging is plastic free, reusable and 100% recyclable.

  • Skin Sensitive

    Skin Sensitive

    The long, smooth fibres within Bamboo give our toilet tissue a silky texture. It creates less dust particles, known to irritate sensitive skin, king it natural hypoallergenic.

FSC Accreditation

Panda Soft has its own FSC Accreditation. Assuring sustainability and traceability from start to finish.

We own our own offices, warehousing and distribution and supplying over 20,000 business and home users in the UK.

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Bamboo Toilet Tissue
Plastic Free Packaging

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